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The fair housing laws do not directly address the problems . of the homeless or those who cannot afford decent housing. They prohibit certain types of discrimination that limit the choices of persons in the housing market. II. Types of Discrimination Prohibited . Under the Law A Layperson’s Guide to Fair Housing Law

Exclusive use of young, old, white, black, athletic (non-handicapped), single, Catholic, Jewish or other ethnic or religious group may violate the law. F. Selective Media. The selective use of media catering to a specific population within an area which may discriminate against another segment of the population is a violation of Fair Housing laws.

Fair housing laws prohibit discrimination in any activity relating to the sale or rental of dwellings, financing or insuring housing, the terms and conditions related to housing, or harassment that is based on your race, color, religion, disability, familial status, national origin or sex.

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The more similar they are in terms of demographics, transport links and housing inventory, the better. Look up the assessed value of your home. Every so often, the county assesses the value of your.

Fair Housing for Real Estate Industry Professionals Page 5 commitment to fair housing when you first start working with them. This statement also can let clients know what services you can provide them and what information they’ll need to find out on their own. When you discuss your commitment to fair housing early

The Fair Housing Partners of Washington State have developed this guidebook to assist you in understanding and complying with fair housing laws. We hope you will find this information helpful in your efforts to provide fair housing for all. This free guidebook is available in CD format and also online at

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Georgia’s landlord-tenant laws can be found in the Code of Georgia (Title 44 Chapter 7) and may include information about the subjects outlined in the following sections.. georgia state landlord-tenant law basics. Tenant rights and obligations, including tenant at will and how to give notice that you are moving out

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