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The Indian space agency has named lander Vikram in memory of country’s space pioneer Vikram Sarabhai and rover Pragyaan means wisdom in Sanskrit. According to ISRO, on the day of landing, the lander.

Apart from the ashtadhyay and the grammatical tradition, the rich knowl- edge base in Sanskrit has been a source of attraction for both Indian as well as western scholars. Sanskrit was at one time "Lingua Franca" of the world of intellectuals, in addition to being a spoken language.

A degree in Sanskrit opens up several fields in higher academics – law, philosophy, linguistics, literature, religious and cultural studies in India and abroad.

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For five centuries until the arrival of the British, Persian was the lingua franca of India. fact that Persian and Hindi diverged from the same language; as a result, Sanskrit and Old Persian share.

English has become a kind of global ‘lingua franca’. By the way, the scientific term of the "Indo-Germanic language group" itself can be traced back more than 200 years. Second, the firm belief that this familiarity is not just heritage and a distant past, but a solid fundament for us today to build our shared future. Indeed, it’s a mandate and an assignment for us.

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An individual has to live in harmony with his surroundings, with the right social conduct. ancient scriptures have enumerated numerous ethical restraints (or don’ts) that a spiritual practitioner must follow. However, in the yoga sutras (chapter ii, sutras 30), Maharshi Patanjali has listed only five of them, which are more or less all inclusive.

The oldest tradition they possess refers to a time shortly after the overthrow of the Majapahit dynasty in Java, about the middle of the 15th century; but it has been supposed that there must have been Indian settlers here before the middle of the 1st century, by whom the present name, probably cognate with the Sanskrit balin, strong, was in all likelihood imposed.

But in a sign of the frustration among American investors over the obstacles they face in doing business in India, a Washington-based lobby wrote an open letter to Biden urging him to address what it.

The Last Lingua Franca: English Until the Return of Babel [Nicholas Ostler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. English is the world’s lingua franca-the most widely spoken language in human history. And yet, as historian and linguist nicholas ostler persuasively argues

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