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It’s odd that a community so opposed to software patents would find this objectionable, particularly in light of the array of defensive termination provisions that have been used in the past. PLEASE NOTE: This blog entry is about the BSD+Patent license, not about Facebook. This post represents my personal views only, and not the views of Facebook.

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The Patent Trial and Appeal Board has published an update containing additional guidance about trial practice before the Board. Trends and characteristics of U.S. women inventors New report from USPTO chief economist’s office studying 40 years of data shows women still comprise small minority of patented inventors.

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Our days of chatting in an ad-free space on Facebook may soon be over. The social media giant has filed a patent based around.

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The patent application was filed by an Oculus scientist who worked on HoloLens. Mark Zuckerberg showed off a render of the AR glasses Facebook is working on last year, but he didn’t reveal a lot.

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 · Over at IPWatchdog they have a summary of this week’s Senate judiciary committee hearing (video recording) on the STRONGER Patents Act, a bill primarily (but not exclusively) put forward and promoted by Senator Chris Coons (D-Del.).They place a little more emphasis on quotes from those supporting the bill, but they do acknowledge a "sharp split on injunctive relief, IPR [PTAB inter.

Facebook may be eyeing facial recognition technology for retail stores, according to a new patent filing. Facebook may be eyeing facial recognition technology for retail stores, according to a new.

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They would build a fake page and then they would run a sponsored ad campaign via Facebook or Instagram linking to their.

After all, the patent – which was made public july 16, when it was issued – shows that Facebook applied for the patent in 2015 – years before being accused of and denying the very practice this.