Google Cloud challenges AWS with new open-source integrations –

The security challenges of moving ERP to the cloud, and open-source Metasploit framework 5.0 improves security testing.. AWS vs. google cloud platform. ERP integrations.

It's no secret that Google Cloud is playing catch-up with AWS and. As an aside, new ceo thomas kurian, who previously spent over. Essentially, this is aimed at bringing open source and cloud closer together through tight integrations. Equally, Google Cloud has its own internal challenges to solve.

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Google Cloud challenges AWS with new open-source integrations. and analytics companies to integrate their products into its Google Cloud Platform and offer them as manag. AWS isn’t exactly.

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Google Cloud challenges AWS with new open-source integrations Google today announced that it has partnered with a number of top open-source data management and analytics companies to integrate their products into its Google Cloud Platform and offer them as managed services operated by its partners.

AWS has done the exact same thing for back-end services, and the flexibility and modularity of AWS is the chief reason why it crushed Google’s initial cloud offering, Google App Engine, which launched back in 2008. Using App Engine entailed accepting a lot of decisions that Google made on your behalf; AWS let you build exactly what you needed.

New Open-Source Integrations. Google announced new partnerships with several open-source data analytics and data management companies, naming Redis Labs, DataStax, MongoDB, Elastic, InfluxData, Neo4j, and Confluent. It will offer these partnering products as managed services in the Google Cloud Platform, operated by the partners.

. company of the IT era: instead of integrating pieces to deliver a product AWS went in. Indeed, the rise of the browser explains AWS as well: any new. In 2014 Google announced Kubernetes, an open-source container cluster.. Most importantly, the shift to cloud computing is still in its beginning stages,