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The real trick in living in Vancouver is living within your means. If you can’t afford decent space in downtown Vancouver then choose to live outside. I live half an hour commute away from downtown, I don’t drive and choose to use transit with my monthly pass.

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 · I get when rent seekers come in and jack up the price because they can pool the money that fed showers. What I do NOT understand is for people spending 40% of income paying mortgage assuming they can keep doing that for 30 years and any two year job loss will make them lose their.

Another indicator of financial distress amongst households in North America is the percentage of household income spent on gross rent. 1.8 million individuals, India-born immigrants form the.

Tech employees are, if anything, more progressive-leaning in their political contributions than their corporate masters. Just a few years ago, these investments seemed to be paying off. Now not so.

A Fresh Year, Fresh Problems, And A Fresh Look at the Big Four’s “Tipping Points” Last year, the city had a record 50 flooding days, many when the sun shined. Even so, the city has yet to reach a “chronic inundation” threshold – when 10 percent or more of its usable, non-wetland area floods at least 26 times per year, according to the Union of concerned scientists report. That will change within a couple of generations.

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She explained if your rent is. five years. 1. Spending on credit: A report by ASIC shows that australians owe billion in credit card debt. More than one in six Australians – around 1.9 million.

We wrap up with three interesting articles, all around the theme of where people choose to live: the first looks at how the looming deadline for tax extensions from 2018 means a slew of high-income taxpayers will see for the first time how much their tax liabilities were impacted by the new $10,000 cap on deducting state and local income and.

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I’ve worked at Group of Eight and more modern universities. its Youth Survey showing that most teenagers rank career success as their top aspiration, but only around half feel the goal is.

11 Facts About Labor Day Mortgage Masters Group Police were notified three days later when family and friends couldn’t contact Morris after the long Labor Day weekend. Her vehicle was found. arrived at the scene where the remains were found. The.